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A Letter From Pastor Johnny:

My wife and I are privileged to have been chosen for the high call of ministry on our lives. We recently were instated as full -time missionaries for an organization called CROSSROADS FARM. The vision of CROSSROADS is simply to show the love of Christ to rural-area teenagers. 

The role of Ceci and I (when not traveling) consists of bringing modern, relevant, Christian student programming to some of the poorest communities all over the midwest. These communities have nothing - no resources, no passion, and no love. Our endgame is bring all 3 of these elements into not only students' lives, but the lives of all in the community through the Gospel. 

This amazing assignment can only be accomplished through people seeing and partnering with this vision through prayer and financial backing. We would love for you to prayerfully consider supporting us a Crossroads missionary. 12% of your support goes to the Crossroads' programming and development, while the rest goes directly to our living expenses and well-being. As a partner, you become an integral  part of this ministry and you are highly valued for all you do. Your financial support of this ministry makes it possible for us to reach every person, in every place, and in every way.  THANK YOU!

or by mailing it to:

Crossroads Farm

5520 W. Card Rd

Reading, MI 49274​

Thank you for being a blessing to the Kingdom.

We love you, and could not do what we do without your generous support.

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