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Pastor Johnny's last 10 years of ministry have taught him 2 things:

1: When it comes to impactful ministry events, quality, experienced, and passionate speaking and worship are absolutely critical! And 2: Falling short in these details can have disappointing results with the Kingdom work you hope to achieve! 

These were the 2 very important reasons Johnny and his wife Ceci expanded their ministry outside their local church walls. God has given certain people the anointing to bring people to the throne room in worship, or be a catalyst for God to move in people's hearts through the words of a passionate sermon. Uniquely, God has blessed Johnny with an anointing for both.

Pastor Johnny, along with his wife Ceci, both love to travel and partner with churches, retreat centers, and ministry organizations. Their love for people, coupled with their passion for the local church, ​fosters a realness and transparency in their ministry.

In summary, their heartbeat is to partner with ministry organizations, churches, and youth ministries to create an unforgettable encounter with Jesus through Holy Spirit-infused modern worship, and a challenging, convicting, and hope-filled message of Jesus Christ. 


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